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4 Tips to Live in Harmony with Mother Earth

4 Tips to Live in Harmony with Mother Earth

4 Tips to Live in Harmony with Mother Earth

It’s Earth Day 2018. Here’s 4 tips for how to live in harmony with Mother Earth. The interesting thing about these tips is that they are simultaneously living in harmony with yourself. What I mean to say is that when you are in harmony with yourself you project it out to your environment. Then your harmonious being is not in conflict with protecting this earth. Nature is not something you go to visit, nature is an integral part of you. Explore these 4 tips as a way of using Earth Day 2018 as the departure point for beginning a new love affair with your nature.

1. Begin Practicing Zero Waste

Explore the simplicity and elegance of replacing single-use plastic with your own stylish water bottle. Stop buying plastic water bottles, replace those plastic shopping bags with your own cotton or net bags. Use washable muslin bags for vegetables. Go to bulk shops for all your basic food supply needs. This is just the beginning. I have loved not having brand labels all over my household.

2. Vegan or Vegetarian?

Eliminating meat and dairy products from your diet may be a huge leap, but it’s possible to cut down, and gradually eliminate those food sources which contribute hugely to environmental breakdown. A diet based on grains, vegetables, legumes and some inspiring new cookbooks will positively impact not only the environment but also your own health.

3. Cultivate Harmonious Relationships

Deepen and expand your network through relationships based on respect, exploration of new ideas, and a wholly positive environment. Bypass communication styles based on anger, excessive polemics. Inspire others with your own positive attitude.

4. Sink Your Roots into the Earth

Daily disciplines of yoga, meditation, chi gong, etc. connect you with the sanity and groundedness of earth. They are the conditions in which joy, harmony, celebration, inspiration, happiness occur. We are constantly coming back to our goodness.

Integrating Everything

The first two tips are outer ways to integrate our activities with respect to nature. Then that provides some fuel for communication, which is the inner way. Secretly, through discipline we deepen our connection to ourself and to others and nature. Living in harmony with Mother Earth, with our own nature, is a matter of not only a matter of sustainability and ecology, but also of developing the realisation that we and nature are not two different things.

Harmony with Mother Earth

Join us and sink down your roots!

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– DAISY FINER, Spa and Health Writer

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