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The Value of Meditation for Professionals

The Value of Meditation for Professionals

The Value of Meditation for Professionals

The practice of meditation is not meant only for those looking to resolve personal problems. Many of us do search for ways to deal with stress, anxiety, depression and the ups and downs of life. Then we discover meditation and we use it as medicine to cure ourselves. However, meditation practice can also be seen in a different light. The value of meditation for professionals can be a real life enhancer.

Enhancing Life With Power AND Wisdom

Successful people are in a unique position to spread their sphere of influence far and wide. Their power comes with tremendous responsibility, and their decisions and actions ripple out effecting many. But power does not necessarily come with the wisdom to benefit countless individuals affected by it. It follows that influence could be either beneficial or harmful. Meditation for professionals shines a light on the effects of one’s decisions, and brings together power and wisdom.

What Exactly Is the Value of Meditation?

The value of meditation for professionals lies in it’s unique ability to be a cause for increasing benefit to the world. What is benefit anyway? A good starting point is that one thinks often, “How can I use my influence to help?” Here meditation is valuable. This is because one’s good intentions may go out to benefit a certain individual or group. However this will often come at the expense of another individual or group, or the environment. Meditation practice will help to diminish the benefit limitations of that kind of limited view. Meditation expands our vision by not centering anywhere. In a world where it is getting increasingly easier to see the impact of decisions and actions, one needs the vision of not centering anywhere.

Overcoming Limited Benefit and Collateral Harm By Not Centering Anywhere

To say that meditation is not centred anywhere means that one’s vision and actions do not cause harm. Wouldn’t it be exceptional if professional performance also came in at the highest and most beneficial level? Extraordinary satisfaction comes from knowing that one is an integral part of a vast network of limitless positive influence. That kind of confidence in one’s professional ability joins wisdom and power. It is confidence not based on some thing, and where one does not center anywhere.

Overcoming the Limits of Education

Not centering anywhere requires the integration of meditation training in professional life. From that one begins to see that decisions and actions are not only based on the theories and ideas we were taught. Those paradigms learned from traditional education are not based on the wisdom of maximum benefit and not causing harm somewhere. We can discover that maximum benefit and no collateral harm come from centerless meditation. Meditation will connect professionals back to the limitless source. That source is the heart. Influence ripples out everywhere from the heart, which is where life exists and real benefit comes from.

Mixing professional life and meditation

To effect actions which join one’s professional skill set and wisdom, centerless meditation expands one’s awareness to encompass all that are affected, and the environment. The professional needs to train in a meditation discipline to be able to walk the razor knife of holding the expanded vision of power and wisdom. Mixing meditation with one’s professional life is very possible and quite possibly essential for the continuation of life on our planet.

meditation for professionals

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