Space to Breathe Retreat
with Lama Brian Hilliard, Shannon van Staden & Dr. Akina Kazama
23 - 27 April 2020 | Cape, South Africa

Exquisite mountains and vast views cradle this finely restored Cape Dutch Manor House and her dwellings on an infinity dust road. You will have time to reflect, recharge and reconnect to your being. Enjoy space for insight to arise through yoga, and the guidance of meditation to allow your body to stretch and your mind to rest. Relax into specialist Japanese well being treatments. Feel the exquisite meeting of breathtaking nature with coming home to yourself, under the soft guidance of international teachers and specialists. Space to breathe.

the place

Enjoy a scenic 90-minute drive from Cape Town amongst majestic mountains and vineyards. Arrive at your jewel of a 300 year old historic country retreat, with towering twin palms and an outcrop of white-washed buildings set on endless emerald lawns with exquisite gardens. An oasis in the ruggedly beautiful Nuy Valley, set in glorious natural surrounds, the outstandingly renovated 1840 Cape Dutch Manor House and her cottages ooze country design, charm and history. There are dams and pools for languid swims, a court for tennis, as well as boules and lawn croquet, not to mention trails for gentle walks, or strenuous hikes and runs, and mountain biking. There are many picturesque spots to nap, read, journal or meander quietly to feel in a world of your own. Space to breathe.

your sleep

The Manor House and her four cottages have been exquisitely renovated in charming, country style. Each dwelling has a swimming pool or jacuzzi to relax in. Comfy armchairs and deep sofas await you with crackling fireplaces in stylish living rooms. Most bedrooms are ensuite with inviting beds beautifully made up with high thread cotton sheets and soft pillows. There are fully equipped kitchens to make herbal teas to enjoy, while curled up with a book. All set in exquisite nature with vast views.

we eat

Our private chef will lovingly prepare clean, organic and mostly vegetarian meals. Wake up to morning snacks, fruit, teas and coffee before your yoga and meditation sessions. You will enjoy a large brunch where you can help yourself to a delicious buffet spread. Afternoon tea will be served with a healthy snack before sunset meditation, yin yoga and crystal bowl sound healing. And last but not last, a beautiful dinner will await us before we snuggle into our cosy beds reflecting on the richness of our day.

meditation, yoga & sound healing

Learn the techniques and practice of sitting and walking meditation with Brian. Practice yin and hatha yoga with Shannon. The extraordinary beautiful sounds of crystal bowls provide deep healing. There’s also optional running early morning. All of these practices are united through our vision of ultimate well being through gentle self-discipline and careful guidance.

nap, explore & treatments

After brunch there will be time for exploring, napping or Japanese treatments with Dr. Akina. For a swim you choose - dam, pool or just melt in a jacuzzi? Or maybe you would enjoy a game of double’s tennis on the clay court with like minded retreat friends. Croquet anyone, boules? The vast nature will beckon you for walks, runs or mountain biking. Or simply have a nap or relax under a tree in the gardens while you read or journal. After dinner a board game, round of cards or languish in a bubble bath before deep sleep …

our typical daily schedule

Rise and shine teas, coffee and morning snack
Morning yoga and meditation for body and mind
Buffet brunch
Optional Japanese treatments with Dr. Akina
Relax, nap, explore, read or journal
Afternoon tea and snack
Sunset meditation, yin yoga and crystal bowl sound healing
Sleep well

Brian Hilliard

Lama Brian is our co-founder and meditation teacher, and has practiced, studied and taught meditation his entire life. He is the real deal - profound, genuine, kind and funny. Brian shares life teachings with you, techniques of meditation and gives you guidance according to your experience and understanding. He brings authenticity and humour to the practice. You may find him under a tree singing mantras with his accordion or ukelele.

Shannon van Staden

Shannon is our co-founder, yoga teacher and healer. She takes you on your personal journey of healing and connecting with your body and mind with her calm and caring style. Shannon can often be found scouring the earth for beautiful places for our retreats, or tucking you in for savasana. Her dedication to your well-being is a unique and special gift you can give to yourself.

Dr. Akina Kazama

Dr. Akina Kazama is a Japanese licensed Acupuncturist and moxibustion specialist, as well as a macrobiotic food specialist of The Kushi Institute, USA. Dr. Akina Kazama balances non-harmonising organs using effective modalities of Holistic Eastern Medicine. As a little girl she was tutored by her grand mother, a mentor of Japanese traditional acupuncture. With expertise in both Western Medicine and Holistic Eastern approaches, Dr. Akina Kazama established her Tokyo acupuncture clinic with a fasting programme called LIFE RESET. She specialises in harmonising an imbalanced autonomic nervous system and many other conditions. Dr Akina is highly skilled in diagnosing physical conditions through pulse diagnosis, abdominal examination, tongue diagnosis together with face and palm reading. She is a specialist for The Aman Hotel group and works privately with clients worldwide.

Dr. Akina’s Treatments

All stress releasing acupuncture treatments include:
Eastern Medical check
Daily Diet and herbal medicine advice
Simple exercise coaching if needed

Japanese Meridian balancing acupuncture, moxa, cupping and reiki - 90 mins

This treatment is beneficial for conditions ranging from emotional disorders (anxiety, depression) to digestive complaints (nausea, vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome), pain syndromes due to injury or chronic degenerative diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, neurological problems like migraines or Parkinson’s disease, or as a rehabilitation strategy for individuals who suffered a stroke, respiratory disorders, gynaecological disorders and infertility, etc.
ZAR 1550

Japanese Meridian balancing acupuncture, moxa, cupping, reiki + palm/ card reading - 110mins
ZAR 2000

Japanese Palm/card reading - 30 mins
By analysing hands, we learn a person’s personality, fortune and future. Experience Japanese Palm and Card Reading with Dr. Akina and find the answers for your future.
ZAR 700

what’s included

Welcome drink and snack
4 nights luxury accommodation
Private chef
Daily organic morning snack, brunch, afternoon tea and dinner - mostly vegetarian
Welcome dinner
Opening circle
Closing Circle
Farewell dinner
Fruit infused waters, teas, coffee
6 yoga sessions with Shannon
6 meditation sessions with Brian
3 crystal bowl sound healing sessions with Shannon
10 minute eastern medical check up with Dr Akina
A one-on-one with Shannon or Brian
Tennis, boules, croquet, mountain biking

what’s not included:

Transport (we can co-ordinate car pooling from Cape Town)
Yoga mat, 2 x blocks, strap
Treatments with Dr. Akina :
Japanese Meridian balancing acupuncture, moxa and reiki - 90 mins - ZAR 1550
Japanese Meridian balancing acupuncture, moxa and reiki + palm/ card reading - 110mins - ZAR 2000
Japanese Palm/card reading - 30 mins - ZAR 700


getting there

Arrival time: 23 April between 15:00 & 17:00.

A scenic drive of 90 minutes from Cape Town along the N2 takes you to the beginning of the R62, a spectacular route for wine farms and scenery. This leads you to the Garden Route, halfway between Worcester and Robertson. Here you will turn off to the Nuy Valley, where you will find the Cape Dutch Farm House for our retreat. We can organise car pooling if you need.

Departure: 27 April after breakfast.


dates & prices

23 - 27 April, 2020
(Includes arrival and departure days.)
(Bookings open to South African residents only until 30 November. From 1 December bookings open to all.)

Single Prices

Manor House main king room ensuite. R19,300 (€1,550)
Manor House king room ensuite R19,300 (€1,550)
Manor House king room (shared bathroom) R14,500 (€1,160)
Manor House king room (shared bathroom) R14,500 (€1,160)

Fruit Barn king room ensuite R17,000 (€1,360)
Fruit Barn king room ensuite R17,000 (€1,360)

East Grange king ensuite R15,900 (€1,280)
East Grange king ensuite R15,900 (€1,280)

West Grange king ensuite R15,900 (€1,280)
West Grange king ensuite R15,900 (€1,280)

Sharing Prices per person

Manor House main room king ensuite (couples) R15,100 (€1,210)
Manor House king room ensuite (couples) R15,100 (€1,210)
Manor House twin room (shared bathroom) R12,800 (€1,030)
Manor House twin room (shared bathroom) R12,800 (€1,030)

Fruit Barn king room ensuite (couples) R14,000 (€1,120)
Fruit Barn twin room ensuite R14,000 (€1,120)

East Grange king ensuite (couples) R13,400 (€1,080)
East Grange twin ensuite R13,400 (€1,080)

West Grange king ensuite (couples) R13,400 (€1,080)
West Grange twin ensuite R13,400 (€1,080)

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