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The Journey of Meditation | 6 Week Course | Woluwe St Lambert, Brussels

The Journey of Meditation | 6 Week Course | Woluwe St Lambert, Brussels

“Everything is an island of gold.”
– Lady Niguma

Discover a new way of living by learning to appreciate the wonder of your life. Imagine that every moment is a fresh new experience. Glimpse your uniqueness and potential which bring inspiration and joy, no matter what. Gain confidence that you can dance with everyday challenges. Realise that limitations are the fertile ground of life. This precious journey takes you home to your true self, one breath at a time.

The course will feature a number of study and contemplation topics :

– Cutting through spiritual materialism
– Yoga and meditation
– Meditation in daily life
– Highlights from the Shambhala tradition
– Healing through intention and sound
– Stories and songs from famous masters

This six week course joins meditation instruction and sitting practice with a solid understanding of theory behind meditation. It is based on a 2,600 year tradition, with a view that will take you beyond current popular mindfulness programs. The course will include:

– Sitting and walking meditation instruction
– Group and home practice
– recommended readings
– innovative exercises
– talks
– group discussions

You get full immersion and everything you need to begin your journey

Meditation is for Everyone

Meditation is for Everyone

Sitting naked in nature Meditation is for everyone. Why? Imagine for a moment sitting naked in a field. You are surrounded by others, also naked, sitting under the stars. Feeling the soft earth below and the fresh breezes around you, there is nothing between you and nature. Dawn approaches with a fiery orange sky, and… Continue Reading

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