Our luxury Yoga & Meditation Retreats are an effective antidote to the pressures of modern life. A week's retreat will give you the space to develop inner calm and see the panorama of your life with greater clarity, and the skills to effectively handle everyday challenges once you are back home.

Stunning locations, expertly picked for their style and comfort allow you to absorb the expert teachings of our experienced meditation, mindfulness and yoga instructors.

Meditation and yoga retreats

Brian carefully and expertly guides beginners and experienced meditators through all the steps of mindfulness meditation. He provides lots of opportunities for you to build on strengths and let go of weaknesses. With humor and precision, Brian invites you to engage in solitary connection with yourself, and warm and friendly group interaction. Together the group creates a safe atmosphere that sparks learning and increases personal enjoyment. Group interaction is enhanced with private meditation instructions that address your special needs and concerns. There is always emphasis on how to bring meditation practice into daily life. You will be able to confidently align yourself with new goals and aspirations which are based on personal experience. With Brian’s help, your experience will remain an invaluable milestone on the mindfulness journey.

At 18 years old Brian got life-changing teachings from the great Tibetan master Chőgyam Trungpa Rinpoche. He completed advanced training seminaries including Ngedon School, Nitartha Institute and Vajradhatu seminaries. He did undergraduate studies at The Naropa Institute. Following many years of training Brian completed the traditional Tibetan three-year retreat. He has studied, practiced and taught mindfulness in business, centers for well-being, and holiday retreats for over 35 years. Brian was born in Connecticut and has lived in Europe since 2000. He loves cooking, running, accordion, Italia, yoga and travel.

meditation and yoga retreats with style

Shannon ensures that no stone is left unturned in caring for guests. She looks after the details of your daily schedule and keeps a bird’s eye view of everyone’s well-being. She sets the highest standards for the menu and meal service. Her sophisticated eye for design and elegance ensures your enjoyment. Shannon believes that such an environment goes hand-in-hand with the transformative practices of yoga and meditation.

Shannon also shares with you extraordinary guidance on the meditation journey. Oftentimes the instruction needs a woman’s wisdom and understanding when dealing with personal issues. You will fully relax knowing you are in good hands.

Shannon lives and breathes style, travel and wellbeing. In 2008 she undertook a one month meditation retreat which led her to search for secret places that bring together nature, wellbeing and style. Bringing all her passions together to help create Mindfulness Journeys has been a dream come true. Combing the globe, Shannon loves finding locations that have a spirit and wholeness that make it possible to connect with yourself.

Shannon practices yoga daily, teaches meditation and deepens her path with Shambhala International. Born and raised in South Africa, Shannon lived in London, New York and France working in fashion, styling, interiors, luxury travel and meditation. She worked for Browns, Joseph, National Geographic Expeditions, Singita Luxury Safaris and Shambhala Europe to name a few. Although based in Brussels she is regularly spotted exploring the globe.

Karen Bennett has been practicing yoga since 1996. With over ten years of teaching experience, Karen appreciates the need for the practice of yoga to evolve and change as we move through life. She offers a practice that supports body and mind as it is now, with modifications and progressions as necessary. She loves all things health and well-being, and is also a fully qualified massage therapist with ten years experience.

Gina focuses on listening to the body and exploring how to find the perfect Yoga practise for each person. Her style is grounded, clear and informative, uplifting and nurturing. Her teaching style is based on Hatha & Yin Yoga. She was described by the prestigious "Queen of Retreats" in 2016 as the non-woo woo girl next door. Gina has practised for over 20 years and lives and teaches Yoga in the UK and Europe. She qualified with distinction as a teacher in 2008, and is a member of the Independent Yoga Network in the UK.

Kostas solved most of his past health challenges with just the application of macrobiotic principles. A superb chef, he is happy to share his understanding with others. Macrobiotics is his life path. Having studied at the Kushi Institute of Europe, he spends his time cooking for yoga retreats and events that promote mindful living. He gives private and group cooking lessons and seminars, focusing on each individual’s needs. He is a member of the team Oneproject.gr, introducing the macrobiotic nutrition and philosophy to Greece through seminars, lectures and macrobiotic products. He loves swimming, walking and reading just about everything. He practises vipassana meditation. 

"Brian Hilliard and Shannon van Staden are leaders in their field when it comes to mindfulness and meditation. Brian is an expert guide - soft spirited, practical, full of empathy, tips and appreciation for the challenges of modern life. Shannon stylishly holds the space and ensures everything runs smoothly. Together they are a dream team on the wellness scene."
DAISY FINER, Spa and Health Writer


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meditation and yoga retreats
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