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Recharge — with Added Sunshine

Mindfulness Journeys is the vision of Shannon van Staden and Brian Hilliard who believe in making mindfulness accessible to everyone. Their welcoming and light-hearted approach creates a positive learning experience and allows you to find ultimate well-being without sacrificing pleasure and luxury.

Substance with Style

Each location is carefully chosen by Shannon and Brian for its style, authenticity and natural beauty. It allows you to practice mindfulness whilst not compromising on luxury, culture and of course great food and wine. The specially prepared food is both exquisite and nutritious — feeding body and soul while you share laughter and experiences with like-minded travel companions.

A Space of Love and Gentleness

Shannon and Brian are the hearts and souls of Mindfulness Journeys. Their caring, cheerful and calm presence allows you to take a holiday and reconnect with yourself. You find total relaxation because they take care of absolutely everything. Shannon and Brian are patient and thoughtful which allows gentle development of the disciplines throughout the week while keeping a relaxed, caring and fun atmosphere. Their passion and expertise for meditation and yoga allows a gentle introduction to an ultimately life-changing experience within a space of love and gentleness.

It is difficult to convey just how lovely Shannon and Brian are. Your skill in running things seamlessly and warm rapport are incredible. It's a gentle introduction to a life-changing experience.
- Rose O., U.K.

Thank you for a wonderfully rejuvenating, inspiring and relaxing week. It was an incredibly special experience to share the time with you and our group; to learn so much and all the time let go of so much. It was de-cluttering for the body, mind and soul and all in such beautiful surroundings, with endless views, sparkling seas, glorious sun rises and sun sets and delicious, cleansing foods. The week with you was life-changing in its most powerful yet simplest form.
-Emma L., U.K.

I really liked the structure of the week. I felt totally safe to hand over all responsibility to you. I loved the gentle development of the disciplines of mindfulness, running and yoga. I enjoyed the breaks in the afternoon.
- Mary L., U.K.

"Brian Hilliard and Shannon van Staden are leaders in their field when it comes to mindfulness and meditation. Brian is an expert guide - soft spirited, practical, full of empathy, tips and appreciation for the challenges of modern life. Shannon stylishly holds the space and ensures everything runs smoothly. Together they are a dream team on the wellness scene."
– DAISY FINER, Spa and Health Writer

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