Chi Nei Tsang Massage

Chi Nei Tsang with Shannon van Staden

emotional detox massage with crystal singing bowl healing

Chi Nei Tsang  massage in Brussels

chi nei tsang massage in Brussels

Chi Nei Tsang is an abdominal organ massage, a blend of Thai and Chinese techniques for self healing. We have all experienced blocked Chi, or energy, and abdominal massage is effective in relieving a host of illnesses caused by tension, stress and negative emotions. Whether you have indigestion, constipation, bloating, insomnia, poor skin, whole body toxicity or inability to lose weight, Chi Nei Tsange massage is deeply healing and effective.


Chi Nei Tsang massage in Brussels

relax and energise

Chi is the life-force energy that moves through the body’s channels, nervous system, blood vessels, and lymph glands. All this concentrates in the abdomen, which acts as the control center. With Chi Nei Tsang, depression can be released, you can be more energised, your organs can function better, and you can discover more self confidence and live your life with joy.


releasing negativity and pain

Often negative energy is stored in the body in physical blockages. Anger, stress, anxiety and depression often cause blockages in our energy flows and capability for clarity of thought. This in turn leads to blocks in our bodily systems and we experience that as negative emotions and possibly sickness. We might feel strong emotions arise like sadness or anger. Shannon works gently with any pain and helps you to slowly release and alleviate them.

PLEASE NOTE | Contraindications – The intensity of abdominal work requires that our clients are healthy, and capable of receiving this work without harm. Specific contraindications to abdominal work include: IUD, pacemaker, pain medications or muscle relaxants, acute or unexplained health issues, psychological aversion to pain, unmanaged or intolerable pain, thrombosis or a decreased integrity of vessels or organs in the circulatory system, or pregnancy or less than 3 months post-partum.


a sound healing ending

A treatment will always begin with Shannon asking you a few questions about your health history and current health issues you wish to address. This approach takes into account all aspects of your physical and emotional state of being together. Shannon will begin the treatment with gentle and precise touches to your abdomen to find out the best way to help you feel better. She guides you in breathing mindfully into the areas she is working with. You may experience a deep sense of relaxation and re-connection with yourself on a physical and emotional level during the treatment. The treatment will last approximately one hour. You may also fall asleep, and this can be a healing part of the therapeutic experience. Shannon will end the treatment session with crystal bowl sound healing, and showing simple self-care exercises that you can do at home to support and maintain your well-being.


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