Our Unique Formula for the Ultimate Retreat

A retreat like no other :

This is no ordinary meditation and yoga retreat. What makes it unique is the blend of experiences you receive. Beginners and advanced people get to explore mind and body by getting to the heart of yoga and meditation, each complementing and enhancing the other. It's a unique formula that gives you a new lense to look at life with greater perspective and clarity. And you get to place the emphasis where you like — more yoga and action, more meditation and tranquility, or even just giving yourself that extra time to relax poolside. It's the ultimate mind body retreat.

+ See how good meditation is

Meditation is easily accessible when presented by highly experienced teacher, Brian Hilliard. The initial challenge soon gives way to genuinely transformative experience. You will discover how meditation offers secret keys to yoga practice.

A unique formula combining meditation and yoga

+ Get to the heart of yoga

Beginners will appreciate yoga’s emphasis on increasing strength and flexibility. All yogins will explore how yoga is a gateway to enhancing our understanding of ourselves emotionally, intuitively and intellectually. Active and passive yoga, yang and yin, appeal to different personality types, and are offered in a balanced way. Get to the heart of yoga and discover how it supports meditation.

Yoga styles to fit your needs

+ Crystal bowl sound healing

The way of using the pure sounds of crystal bowls atunes us to the natural state of well-being through vibration. Vibration and sound is found everywhere, but what is especially effective about crystal bowl resonance is their pure and beautiful quality of sound. It atunes us to ourselves by magnetising us and getting us on it’s frequency. It atunes us to our innate healthiness and wholeness.

+ Highly experienced teachers

This unique formula, blending yoga and meditation, is presented by highly experienced teachers. Brian Hilliard has 35 years of experience, and his yoga instructor team teach from great depth of experience. With this kind of expertise you relax, learn, get what you need, and become your own teacher. We create an atmosphere that is light and caring, and free of unnecessary concerns.

Brian Hilliard's highly experienced meditation instruction

+ Delicious food and a place of great natural beauty

Immersed in nature, each retreat venue is carefully chosen by Shannon & Brian to enhance your experience. You deserve a holiday with delicious and healthy food — the perfect sustenance for meditation and yoga. Accommodation is simply luxurious. Whether at the sea, the countryside, desert or riverboat, we take care of you so that you can relax and fully absorb the experience.

Great food at beautiful places

+ Explore this adventure with like-minded people

Processing your experience in intimate groups is both enlightening and fun. Group interactions help to make sense of your experience, placing it in the context of daily life. With new and old friends, celebrate in the spirit of universal wisdom.

Explore meditation and yoga with like-minded friends

+ A unique formula so that you can leave the mind body retreat with tools for a lifetime

We dedicate plenty of time to teaching you how to continue the spirit of the mind body retreat in daily life. Your professional and life talents are put together in the mix of yoga and meditation. You get practical guidelines for daily life and the opportunity for ongoing support, when you need it.

A unique formula not found elsewhere

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