Why learn yoga during a luxury holiday?

Our yoga training uniquely combines the relaxation of a luxury holiday with the deep relaxation of yoga and meditation. These create a base of training which gives you the confidence to holiday wherever you are. Mindfulness Journeys is especially designed to bring this kind of holiday experience into everyday life.

I am a beginner in yoga. Can I join?

Absolutely. We can teach to all levels and inspire beginners to start the practice of yoga.

Is it okay if I am older, stiff or have injuries?

Yes. We can work with all situations and find the ways for you to fully benefit.

I am an advanced yoga practitioner. Will this level be okay for me?

Yes, we work with all levels, and encourage you to go to your comfortable edge.

What are the group sizes?

Our groups vary from 8 - 15 people.

What kind of yoga do you offer?

We offer a mix of gentle, dynamic, stretching and relaxing yoga. It can be defined as a balance of Hatha yoga (yang yoga) and yin yoga. You go as far as your body will allow you under our guidance.

Why do you offer two kinds of yoga?

Yin and Yang yoga reflect two universal principles, masculine and feminine, light and dark, active and passive. Our life at any time includes a balance of these two. Both kinds of yoga are challenging, each in their own way, and bring us into harmony with ourselves and our world.

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha yoga combines correct breathing while performing asanas (bodily postures). Hatha is dynamic and active, and works with the muscular half of the body, the yang tissues. There are sequences of asanas, such as Surya Namaskara, or "Salute to the Sun", performed in a fluid series of movements. There is an emphasis on proper diet and purifying the body. Hatha Yoga is for all levels.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga is designed to complement more active (yang) yoga. While yang emphasizes development of the muscular body, yin works the deeper yin connective tissues of ligaments, joints, fascial networks and bones. In this way, all of our tissues are exercised. Yin yoga, like yang, provides optimum physical health, mental and emotional balance, and increased energy. Practiced together with mindfulness meditation practices there can be an extraordinary synchronisation of body and mind, leading to a complete life transformation.

Do you supply yoga mats and equipment or shall I bring my own?

We supply yoga mats and props. You are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

What should I pack for yoga?

Loose comfortable layered clothing
Fitted leggings, loose trousers or shorts are good
Sports bra and yoga top
Vests or short sleeve t-shirts
Long sleeve t-shirt to wear during resting phase
Socks for resting phase

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