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On your yoga retreat Greece join our intimate group and experience limitless blue sky and sea on the verdant island of Lefkada. Enjoy daily hatha or vinyasa yoga practice, meditation instruction and practice, and cleansing macrobiotics food that will inspire you into a whole new way of living.

Your 7 night stay will be in one of four architecturally designed villas made of local sandstone. Each has a private pool, large deck, sun loungers and umbrellas. Nestled high on a hilltop surrounded by nothing but lush greenery and birdsong, you will at all times have vast views of Ionian Seas and majestic Greek islands.

You will be expertly guided by Brian Hilliard in the practice of meditation, and Karen Bennett for hatha and vinyasa yoga. Kostas Tzallilas is your macrobiotics chef. Host Shannon van Staden will take care of all the details to ensure your stay is relaxing, and that you leave rejuvenated and refreshed. Yoga, awareness meditation and diet are key resources for a healthy and balanced life.

“…Shannon was there to ensure I was comfortable from day one to the end…Brian, in his quiet intellectual, unassuming, gentle manner, worked his magical charm through his skilful meditation techniques, and managed to transform and help me find my way and focus again. I could breathe, see clear light and felt completely energised. Truly amazing things can happen when you open your mind to meditation…”
Becky S., Doctor, Birmingham U.K.


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This yoga retreat Greece offers stylishly decorated, spacious, double storey villas. Each has three ensuite luxury rooms with jacuzzi baths or walk-in showers. Enjoy an open plan living room and fully equipped kitchen. There are full length terraces, endless breathtaking sea views, and private pools with loungers, and outdoor showers. All villas are air-conditioned.

Our chef Kostas Tzallilas will be presenting a range of delicious, healthy, organic macrobiotic meals. The essence of Macrobiotic diet is balance and adaptation to the environment and to the needs of each individual. During the retreat the nutrition is designed in such a way to maximize the cleansing, strengthening and centering effects of the yoga practice and the meditation. Each meal is prepared with a variety of ingredients such as grains, vegetables, beans and bean products, seaweed, fermented products, nuts, seeds and fruits; mostly organic. Meals are 100% vegan and sugar free.

“The Greek island retreat was amazing! For a complete, activity-focused, beginner the week gave a great how to introduction to “being”, through meditation practice, teaching and fascinating discussions. Brian is a very humane, supportive, patient expert – and the Lujong yoga was a lovely, active addition. The fabulous location, space and relaxation, together with superb, lovingly-prepared food and great company, all added to the wonderful experience. Still practicing daily!”
Lesley C. – Business Development Manager, UK


Mindfulness Meditation

Your day includes mindfulness meditation sessions guided by Brian Hilliard. You will learn the techniques and practice of sitting and walking meditation in a beautiful meditation shala with incredible views of Ionian Seas and majestic Greek Islands. There will be talks, discussions, private interviews on request, and some silence for inner reflection.

Our ability to perceive and enjoy an amazing display of sea and sky resonates deeply with the experience of meditation. Senses are sharpened and clarified, felt newly in an expansive awareness which goes beyond our usual preoccupations. Deep personal experience is adorned with the beauty of sense perceptions. With deep relaxation you will experience the sense of letting go. You will learn and understand incredible tools to take home with you. Our meditation holiday is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. See The Mindfulness Journal for more on mindfulness meditation.

Hatha Flow Yoga with Karen Bennett

Karen Bennett has been practicing yoga since 1996. With over ten years of teaching experience, Karen appreciates the need for the practice of yoga to evolve and change as we move through life. She offers a practice that supports body and mind as it is now, with modifications and progressions as necessary. She loves all things health and well-being, and is also a fully qualified massage therapist with ten years experience.

Karen will be teaching a Hatha Flow style class. This can be either dynamic or slower paced, depending on the group needs. This style of yoga often incorporates longer holds than vinyassa practice, and focuses on building the connection of body and mind through awareness of breath. Her flow classes include teachings from the 8 limbs of yoga, being mindful of the yamas and niyamas (naturally wholesome ethics) both on and off the mat, alignment focussed asana (yoga posture), and hands on adjustments as necessary and as welcomed by the student.

Running with Meditation

Our retreats include optional running training. Running with meditation is an introduction to meditation in movement. Reach the zone easily with practical instructions for combining mindfulness and movement. See our post: Running with Meditation.

“The week we spent in Lefkada was so perfectly what I needed. The setting and views are astonishing. The food was simple, delicious and incredibly healthy. And above all the care that went into the retreat made all the difference – from the little touches of hospitality, to the quality and depth of the meditation instruction, and the overall ease and organization of the week. A fantastic experience overall. Thank you Shannon and Brian!”
Peter H. – Consultant, UK


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Take some time to swim, lounge, nap or read at your private pool deck, or take a 45 minute hike to our private pebbled beach with crystal clear waters. You may even spot dolphins and seals in this protected natural habitat.

A 15 minute drive brings you to one of three world class beaches of breathtaking beauty. Majestic sheer cliffs meet sand, pebbles and turquoise waters. Porto Katsiki is an easy walk, while Egremnoi beach has some 300 access steps — the spectacular part nudist beach is well worth the hike.

“You guys were so warm, so accessible, so gentle, so patient. I loved the relatively short meditation stretches, and that they were mixed up with walking meditation – made it so accessible. I really looked forward to everything. Incredibly elemental, sensuous, and still.”
Jeremy Lazell, Scotland



Awake to a gorgeous sunrise over crystal waters. For runners (optional) start with a morning run with Brian enjoying gorgeous sea views. After a light breakfast, meet up with Karen for yoga.

Then we enjoy a fresh, balanced brunch with our retreat companions on the pool deck.

The afternoons are at your leisure. Rest, read, write or nap at your private pool. Maybe you’d like to hike down to the private beach and enjoy a skinny dip, take walks along the country road on this beautiful hilltop or languish on one of the world famous beaches nearby?

In late afternoons we meet at our meditation shala of uninterrupted views, where you will be guided through the form and practice of meditation with talks, discussions and periods of silence for inner reflection. This is suitable for beginners or experienced meditators.

We gently close our day with a delicious sunset dinner on one of the decks or terraces with exquisite views. Some evenings we will have movies or special events after dinner to deepen our understanding and practice of meditation and yoga, or explore the philosophy and practice of Macrobiotics.


Flights are not included. The best airport is Preveza, Lefkada, and there are great flights direct from London Gatwick and Amsterdam Schiphol on arrival and departure days.If you need to fly from a different destination we recommend

Transfer by car from Preveza on the winding roads of Lefkada Island enjoying spectacular views and little Greek villages on your 1.2 hour ride. Enjoy a welcome drink, unpack, unwind, and meet the team.


7 nights luxury ensuite accommodation
Daily light breakfast, brunch and dinner prepared by our private chefs
Teas, coffees and healthy snacks at any time
Farewell dinner 6 Yoga sessions (once daily) with Karen
Optional meditation running with Brian
6 meditation talks, discussions and practice time with Brian
Evening movies or specials events to deepen understanding and practice
Personal private meditation instruction exchanges with Brian or Shannon


Car hire or transfers
Massage treatments
Lunch and transport on free day


11-18 JUNE 2017
10-17 JUNE 2018
16-23 SEPTEMBER 2018
Single Accommodation Ensuite Bath: 1850€
Shared Accommodation in Double/Twin Ensuite Bath: 1550€
Shared Accommodation reduced to 1450€ if you bring a friend
The retreat is limited to a maximum of 12 persons: 4 single rooms, and 4 double rooms


“Thank you Brian and Shannon for a wonderfully rejuvenating, inspiring and relaxing week. It was an incredibly special experience to share the time with you and our small group; to learn so much and all the time let go of so much. De-cluttering for the body, mind and soul and all in such beautiful surroundings, with endless views, sparkling seas, glorious sun rises and sun sets and delicious, cleansing foods. The week with you was life-changing in its most powerful yet simplest form.”
Emma L., U.K.

"Brian Hilliard and Shannon van Staden are leaders in their field when it comes to mindfulness and meditation. Brian is an expert guide - soft spirited, practical, full of empathy, tips and appreciation for the challenges of modern life. Shannon stylishly holds the space and ensures everything runs smoothly. Together they are a dream team on the wellness scene."
DAISY FINER, Spa and Health Writer


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