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”Still reverberating the wonderful vibes of retreat. So thankful for you both. A paradise with open secret gardens, two sacred beings show us mind and body fullness with subtlety and fundamental presence. “
Lian, C – Political Activist, Brasil

“This was my first retreat; a first time for meditation and yoga: I experienced a powerful and centred journey. The retreat practice was not complicated by rules and rituals….which made it easy for me to get into the process. I would recommend Brian and Shannon as exceptional people whose love and caring is very evident throughout the retreat “
Graeme Prevost, Management Consultant, South Africa

”What makes this retreat unique is how holistic it is — you cover every possible need one could have. This is massively supported by your choice of team and venue. It’s been very special.”
Grace T., Tech Exec, UK

”Thank you for a wonderfully rejuvenating, inspiring and relaxing week. It was an incredibly special experience to share the time with you and our group; to learn so much and all the time let go of so much. It was de-cluttering for the body, mind and soul and all in such beautiful surroundings, with endless views, sparkling seas, glorious sun rises and sun sets and delicious, cleansing foods. The week with you was life-changing in its most powerful yet simplest form.”
Emma L., School Administrator, U.K.

“The perfect way to start the year was to join Mindfulness Journeys at their retreat in Morocco. After an extremely busy year, Shannon and Brian through gentle instruction, helped me tune out of this world and into my inner feelings and energy. I have returned home with more clarity and focus than ever before. This was both mine and my husband Graeme’s first retreat. The time together has connected us on a new level that brings even more depth to our relationship. “
Nerina Wilkinson, Surgeon - Cape Town

”I really liked the structure of the week. I felt totally safe to hand over all responsibility to you. I loved the gentle development of the disciplines of mindfulness, running and yoga. I enjoyed the breaks in the afternoon.”
Mary L., Psychologist, U.K.

”Meditating with Brian, with the glistening snow-covered Atlas mountains as a backdrop was perfection. Once the heat of the sun subsided there were roaring log fires inside the perfectly formed riad, ready for our yoga practice with Shannon, finishing with relaxation accompanied by her beautiful crystal bowl sound healing. I wholeheartedly recommend Mindfulness Journeys to you, either with friends or alone, even if you have no experience whatsoever of meditation and yoga.”
Sue, L - Retired Educationalist

“My trip with Mindfulness Journeys to Morocco was the best week of my professional life. Gentle and warm, but also highly professional and organised, Brian and Shannon were superb teachers and infectiously generous people: I came away feeling extraordinarily relaxed and refreshed, armed with a set of meditation skills that I still use every day. "
Jeremy Lazell, Journalist, UK

”I loved my time with Mindfulness Journeys in Morocco… The hotel was perfect with lots of character, good food and amazing views! Brian and Shannon were calm and lovely, guiding us through the yoga and meditation. We stayed as a group of 8 throughout the 6 days, learning from each other and enjoying some lively conversations too! I went on my own and was very happy that I did.”
Sarah Z, Nutritionist

“I liked the rigour of practice and the discipline of several hours a day meditating with the teaching gradually deepening my practice. The sharing in the group intensified the experiences and liberated emotions. Brian’s teaching and Shannon’s care for us made the retreat truly unique.”
Michael N., Management Consultant, London

“The location, beautiful surroundings, food, atmosphere were amazing. The size of the group and dynamics were perfect. The meditation instruction was incredibly helpful, and unfolded nicely at a great pace. Brian and Shannon complement each other very well. This was a lot more intimate than other retreats. There were great discussions, openness and maturity by the whole group."
Brian and Anita H., Company Directors, London

“It was an experience I will never forget: meeting Shannon and learning from the true expert Brian in the magical desert of Morocco and it’s ring of Atlas Mountains. By the end of the week I felt fully recharged, lighter in my emotions, and truly ready with bounds of confidence and strength to face the world again. I would highly recommend this to anyone who are looking to switch off and find themselves.”
Jo L., Make-up Artist, London

”I have learnt so much from the meditation classes and the yoga. The evening talks on the philosophy of yoga were also really interesting. The experience has also been so much fun whilst also being relaxing.”
Holly L., Accountant, UK

”It is difficult to convey just how lovely Shannon and Brian are. Your skill in running things seamlessly and warm rapport are incredible. It's a gentle introduction to a life-changing experience.”
Rose O., U.K.

”Brian is a great teacher and you both created such a welcoming and comforting environment to practice. The combination of yoga and meditation and how they interlinked made the retreat special.”
Lucy W., Finance Exec, UK

”The Morocco retreat was incredible, and I strongly recommend it. Brian, in his quiet intellectual, unassuming, gentle manner, working his magical charm through his skilful meditation techniques, he managed to transform and help me find my way and focus again. I could breathe, see clear light and felt completely energised.”
Becky S., Doctor, Birmingham

”I liked the relaxed atmosphere and the caring attitude from both of you. There was a definate feeling of the space being held with love and gentleness.”
Lisa G., Scoraig, Scotland

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