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Greatest Yoga Holidays on the Planet

“We belong to a culture that is now becoming open and receptive to “the work,” particularly when we feel supported by experts we can trust. Some of these are being called in by hotel groups to offer guests more than just a traditional spa. Brian Hilliard and Shannon van Staden run Mindfulness Journeys retreats in Morocco, while also working with the Belmond and Aman hotel groups. Van Staden offers yin yoga and crystal-sound-bowl healing, which are said to placate the nervous system, while Hilliard has worked with Tibetan masters since he was a teenager. “Clients leave astonished at what's happened,” Van Staden says. “It's not about being more successful, more beautiful, having more money,” she adds. “It's about being more human and seeing life through a different lens.””
- Daisy Finer, Conde Nast Traveler

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