Mindfulness Journeys partnership with Belmond Group

Mindfulness Journeys partnership with Belmond Group

Mindfulness Journeys partnership

Belmond Group has partnered with Mindfulness Journeys to provide an extraordinary travel experience in Myanmar (Burma). The seven day luxury cruise combines a journey along the Ayeyarwadi River with expert meditation instructions and yoga. This holiday is riding a crest in the wave for demand of authentic experiences in travel. The industry is seeing rapid growth in holidays that include personal training in techniques and teachings for increased quality of life. The river cruise promises to be not only a rich cultural expedition, but also a life enhancer.

Travel partners with well-being

The partnership with Belmond has come about at a time when the effectiveness of mindfulness training is becoming very well known in government, business, health and educational sectors. Following on this, Brian Hilliard and Shannon van Staden teach a tradition of mindfulness and meditation that goes back over 2,500 hundred years. So it is timely and well placed this lively journey in the heart of the deeply Buddhist country of Myanmar.

Meditation in Myanmar — East meets west

The Mindfulness Journeys partnership with Belmond will explore the outer land of Myanmar and the inner journey of meditation. Meditation in Myanmar will take place on The Road to Mandalay river boat and in select temples en route to Bagan. High standards come together from both sides to create an experience that will have a transformative effect not only on the travellers on the Ayeyarwadi River, but also on the travel industry as a whole. We look forward to meeting the challenges of joining together east and west, well-being and western living, the differing languages of meditation and the travel industry, meditation and everyday life, modern day professionals and ancient wisdom.

Expertise and flexibility for authentic well being

Mindfulness Journeys offers freedom and flexibility to any business wanting to add authentic well being to their business model. Our training methods are based on over 35 years of personal training and education, and are tailored to the needs of professionals. Explore a Mindfulness Journeys partnership and expand.

meditation in Myanmar

Meet Shannon van Staden

Shannon van Staden will be attending the World Travel Market in London in November. If you would like the opportunity to meet her there and explore a Mindfulness Journeys partnership, please contact her directly at shannon@mindfulnessjourneys.com . For more on The Road to Mandalay please read Still Waters Run Deep.


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