Meditation and mindfulness yoga – A unique formula

Meditation and mindfulness yoga – A unique formula

The ideal retreat holiday

What is the ideal retreat holiday? Everyone is searching for a way to relax, enjoy, have a good time, and maybe even learn something new. Soak up the sun and maybe even discover something you’ve always yearned for : a way to stay in that child-like zone of innocence and wonderment, free of daily worries and adulting. It’s the  holiday that gives you just the right balance of play and learning, relaxation and focus. It will set you up for a better life long after the suntan has faded.

A unique formula of meditation and mindfulness yoga

Look no further than our meditation and mindfulness yoga retreat. These two practices, aligning body and mind, are the results of thousands of years of practice by people who understood the meaning of ‘holiday’ long before its recent invention. The yogins and meditators who left us this gift knew how to maximise their potentials, and they knew that all the best stuff was locked up right in the body. To them life was an ongoing holiday. Our retreat shows you how to untie the knots which keep you bound to a smaller version of your true self. Your expert mindfulness teacher, Brian Hilliard, working closely with one of our experienced yoga teachers, shows you how.

Elegance and stylish comfort

One of the key concepts of our unique formula is understated elegance and stylish comfort : letting you stay at ease in naturally beautiful surroundings. People need to be surrounded by beauty for basic health and sanity. Style and comfort helps us relax and sets us up for the delightful challenge of meditation and mindfulness yoga. Giving ourselves outer and inner good care is the key to coming back to ourselves on the ideal retreat holiday. And you’ll love the care you get as we look after all the little details.

Food for celebration

The right kind of food is a cause for celebration on this perfectly calibrated retreat holiday. Depending on location you’ll enjoy sumptuous feasts or simple dining, vegetarian or vegan, and macrobiotics which finely tune your body with just the right balance of yin and yang. These dining adventures can be real game changers for those looking to adjust their diets, or a welcome change for those who want to try new culinary delights. The food complements meditation and yoga so that you can strengthen body, as well as mind.

Learning with the body

We set the best possible atmosphere with yoga and meditation, together with the company of old and new like-minded friends. This instant community effortlessly comes about from inspiration found in the daily mind/body practices. Friends practicing meditation and yoga together create a unique learning place. Not only are we learning new concepts and ideas, but we are also awakening our bodies and letting go of deep seated tensions. You will find that yoga and meditation really come alive when practiced together in a group.

An expert mindfulness teacher sets you at ease

Your expert mindfulness teacher carefully guides you through each aspect of the retreat. And there will be plenty of wonderful surprises in store for you. Our guests agree that the retreat is much more than the sum of its parts. It will inspire a whole new way of living and set you up with tools for a life filled with vision and creativity.

A mindfulness yoga retreat designed for you

You don’t need to worry that you will miss the point — we personalise everything to your needs. Whether you are meditating or practicing yoga, eating something new, or delighting in the sparkle of light in the pool, it’s all just relaxing and enjoying the small details found everywhere in everything. Your teacher, Brian Hilliard, will help you to settle and relax right within yourself.

You can still join us at the next retreat in the Morocco countryside, 23-29 September 2017. It’s a mindfulness yoga retreat with Moroccan cooking, and beautiful vista of the Atlas Mountains.


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