Tibetan Yoga Synchronises Body & Mind

Tibetan Yoga Synchronises Body & Mind

Movement is meditation in Tibetan Yoga

One of the surprising things about meditation practice may be the discovery that it is not just sitting still. Meditation in movement brings about the joyful dance of mind and body working together. The focus of meditation is the whole body moving and the feelings that come about. It’s a whole new area of discovery. Many people who do not like to sit still that much love Tibetan Yoga.

Movement feels good. In Tibetan Yoga you can move according to how you feel. At times it is slow and gentle, and at other times very fast and forceful. You meditate on these feelings resting your attention in the movement. The emphasis is not on doing it right but being fully present, going along with the body. Twenty easy-to-learn exercises have an amazing impact on your basic health, not only strengthening the body, but the mind as well.

Strengthening the mind

What is strengthening the mind? It means feeling unconditionally good. Even when you feel bad you feel extremely good because the practice is to be fully present in whatever sensation you have. When you are fully present there is no time to think about how bad you feel. When you don’t allow yourself the time to dwell in discomfort you settle into something deeper, an unconditional well being. When you get used to that you tend to discipline yourself more in that direction. You identify less with discomfort. It’s the space of joy where even feeling bad feels good. The movement is coming from deep within you. It’s the expression of the real you. It’s the expression of joy.

There are many benefits in developing a strong mind and body together. It helps to overcome laziness, which is anti-joy. It also helps to develop a different kind of relationship to strong emotions. Let’s say you are boiling with anger. You feel the body as if burning. Tibetan yoga intensifies body mindfulness so that we feel the body more accurately. It is teaching us to work and move with any kind of physical manifestation of emotions. The emotion can free itself through feeling the body fully, and we are liberated within the pure energy of the emotion.

Yoga in Morocco

You can learn Tibetan yoga by attending one of our classes or workshops, or one of our retreats. After you get personal instruction there is a video accessible here.

A great resource on Tibetan Yoga can be found in Training the Wisdom Body.


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