(Your group of 5 or more)

Let us design with you a customised group retreat : it’s ideal for your family, friends, or team. A bespoke meditation and yoga retreat is a great way for a special bonding time. Choose one of our unique curated venues and we will organize all the details — from accommodation and food, to all aspects of meditation, yoga, running and diet.

Your group of 5 or more will enjoy a safe and nourishing environment. The introduction to meditation sessions enable you to learn the techniques for fully relaxing body and mind. Hatha and Yin Yoga sessions provide you the strength and flexibility needed to maintain a healthy body. Crystal Bowl Sound Healing is a special way to direct your healing powers. Taken all together these gentle disciplines are the tools you will acquire for a lifetime of basic health and sanity.

We have found that a customised group retreat is the best way to reset your life and journey in the direction you’ve always wanted. Instructions are personal and address each person’s individual needs. Therefore, we provide private instruction when needed. In addition your group will experience their shared wisdom and a new-found meaningful solidarity. Groups, families, businesses rediscover the importance of personal and group harmony for well being and success. Your bespoke meditation and yoga retreat is truly unique and a genuine occasion you won’t find anywhere else.

Bespoke meditation and yoga retreat in Morocco and Europe



Choose from one of our regular venues in Morocco or Puglia, Italy. Or if you prefer another setting we’ll find the perfect place in the country of your choice.

  1. In Morocco a fabulous Kasbah at the foot of the Atlas Mountains provides the perfect backdrop for a bespoke meditation and yoga retreat.
  2. Choose an exquisite boutique hotel just outside of Marrakesh set on a 9-acre botanical garden.
  3. Another Morocco venue is a rugged yet chic Morocco desert outpost with a thousand fires and lamps at night and dining under Berber tents.
  4. Puglia Italy is a magical land, ancient and pristine, with a boutique villa perfect for group retreat.
  5. We can also work with you to find the ideal retreat location of your choice in Europe or beyond. We carefully choose our venues with an eye toward simplicity and elegance, beautiful nature, delicious food and comfort.


Customised group retreat at the Kasbah

All our accommodations feature the utmost comfort, ranging from simple elegance, shabby chic, rustic comfort, and boutique flair. We always aim to take care of all your needs with special attention to the details that make the difference for a truly memorable customised group retreat.

Dining is always a pleasure with each location featuring it’s own unique cuisine and specialties.

Mindfulness Meditation with Brian Hilliard

You will:

Acquire the tools needed to de-stress
Gain greater peace and relaxation
Learn how to mix meditation with daily life
Learn to let go of what is unimportant
Cultivate greater kindness

You will learn the techniques and practice of sitting and walking meditation under the guidance of Brian. Talks, discussions and some periods of silence for inner reflection make the experience complete. Relax and experience the art of letting go.

The meditation sessions are suitable for beginners, as well as advanced practitioners. See The Mindfulness Journal for more on meditation.

More about Brian.

Yoga with Shannon van Staden

You will:

Practice Yin and Hatha Yoga styles
Strengthen and align body and mind
Gain confidence in natural balance and harmony
Access and work with deep emotions through working with the body

This yoga is suitable for all levels of fitness and ability.

More about Shannon

Crystal Sound Bowl Healing

The extraordinary beautiful sounds of crystal bowls set the stage for sound healing and well-being. The benefits of a sound journey with crystal bowls are numerous, including: stress and pain reduction, deep relaxation, self awareness and creativity. Read more about crystal bowl sound healing here.

Optional Running with Meditation

For runners and walkers (optional). Running with meditation is an introduction to meditation in movement. Reach the zone easily with practical instructions for combining mindfulness and movement. See our post: Running with Meditation and a great article by one of our participants.

Bespoke meditation and yoga retreat in Morocco

Customised Group Retreat Typical Daily Schedule

The daily schedule always includes plenty of free time for you to relax and do as you please. The schedule is based on the needs and aspirations of the group. Here is a sample from one of our bespoke meditation and yoga retreats:

7:00 Wake up. Optional running with Brian.

7:45 Start the day with Hatha yoga with Shannon.

9:00 Enjoy a fabulous breakfast.

10:30 Explore meditation with Brian. You will be guided through the form and practice of meditation with talks, discussions and periods of silence for inner reflection.

12:00 The afternoons are at your leisure. After lunch, rest, read, write, nap on a terrace or swim. Take a walk, or treat your self to a scrub or massage at the spa?

17:00 Relax into meditation with Brian.

18:00 Gently wind down with Yin yoga and Crystal Sound Bowl Healing to close the day.

19:30 Enjoy a delicious candle lit dinner.

Contact us to get started on your bespoke meditation and yoga retreat. We’d love to work with you!


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