How to Find Happiness — A Retreat Will Show You How

How to Find Happiness — A Retreat Will Show You How

Searching for happiness

What is happiness? Are there tools for how to find happiness? How can we experience happiness that is unchanging, and free of the ups and downs of life? Is it even possible? How can we get enough of what we desire? These are questions that form a part of the very fabric of our lives. Let’s explore.

Oftentimes much of our life is going well, but there will be one thing that brings us down. We have a fabulous career, lots of friends, enough money, good health, we’re young, have a fabulous yoga practice, and basically everything we could hope for. BUT, maybe we have feelings of depression, we’re stressed, overworked, anxious for the future, or our relationship is not going well. Maybe we are worked up about the latest world news. There always seems to be that one thing that is in the way of our happiness.

Let’s proclaim it from the roof-tops: We all have a right to be happy! This is the message of International Happiness Day. Let’s maximise happiness everywhere! We know it instinctually, we can be happiness. But still we get stuck with that one thing. And here’s the punch line: That one thing is how to find happiness.

How to find happiness

Here’s where meditation practice comes in. That one thing is the world calling to us, trying to awaken us. It is the universe grabbing us by shoulders and shaking us saying, “Look at me, I am the secret gate to all your desires.” But usually we don’t want to listen. The messenger is too harsh and threatening. If the messenger is anxiety we don’t want to deal with it. We say to ourselves, “It doesn’t feel good, and it’s not part of my happiness plan”. Meditation practice is going to teach us to listen to that messenger. And that is where we find the secret to how to find happiness.

Mindfulness Journeys is a fabulous way to acquire the tools needed for how to find happiness. First you find yourself in a beautiful place and you begin that holiday unwinding feeling. Then you settle into an easy meditation and yoga routine. You make discoveries, gain confidence in how to practice meditation, and learn essential yoga asanas. You will leave feeling that life itself can be a holiday, a permanent break from the hassle of that one thing.

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