Life reset – Reboot with a meditation and yoga retreat

Life reset – Reboot with a meditation and yoga retreat

A life reset lets the light come in

What is a life reset like? Imagine a room that has been closed from light and fresh air for many years. It is dark, full of cobwebs, dusty and stuffy. Nobody has lived there for a long-time and there is a feeling of abandonment. You are in the room and suddenly decide to open the windows. Immediately the sun comes streaming in and fresh air blows through the windows. The whole atmosphere changes and you can see the elegance and beauty of the room behind the dust. In one instant the room changes although it had been closed for many years.

Meditation is a life reset

That sudden transformation, from dark to light, gloomy to cheerful, is like what happens in sitting meditation. There is a sudden shift and transformation. It is like when a computer is blocked. When the computer freezes, our project comes to a halt, and there is nothing left to do than hit RESET. Actually we are the computer, blocked and non-functional – memory is overloaded and stressed. We reboot, not by throwing out the computer, but by recharging ourselves so that the basic hardware can function again. We perform a life reset. Then it may be time to install a program that functions according to the capabilities of the computer hardware.

Our hardware functions perfectly — It’s beautiful to be you

However, we are not computers, we are human beings. Our hardware is the beautiful sense perceptions that function perfectly. With meditation and yoga we perform a life reset so that we can feel, and feel more, be intimate with our world and enjoy life immensely. The meditation is a very simple program, or technique if you like, which helps us to function as we were meant to. Our bright intelligence is the code which opens the neural pathways to greater joy, satisfaction and love. We can break out of the confines of our mechanised world. Yoga makes our whole system more robust. With yoga and meditation it’s beautiful to be you.

Reset your life

First we feel the touch of the cool breeze. We feel the warmth of the sun. It’s sudden brightness is surprising. Then we know that it has always been there. We’re inspired to clean house. And the contrast is like day and night. It is like life when our computer is functioning perfectly and everything is moving forward. In meditation you reset your life continuously. Each time we sit down and follow the breath we re-energise, renew and reset.

reset your life at a Morocco retreat

Morocco retreat

The complete set of operator instructions comes with all of our retreats. Reset your life on our next Morocco retreat, 23 – 29 September (or join the new year Morocco retreat), you will feel the warm sun and cool breezes of meditation. In addition, yoga resets the body and aligns your circuits so that you have the strength to plug in to the universe. Then, what happens next, well, you’ll have to go on the retreat…


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