Results of mindfulness in the work place

Results of Mindfulness Journeys retreats  — Mindfulness at work

Mindfulness at work

Professionals on our retreats report increased energy, reduced stress and better sleep patterns. They also have more inspiration, more forward looking vision, and greater creativity and happiness. They find that the results of mindfulness practice are immediately evident in the workplace. Here’s how they’ve done it and the secret component that is behind the positive change.

Their main area of focus is on increasing personal energy. This in turn brings about a host of positive results. They report a renewed ability to ride the ups and downs of daily life. As a result of that, they have a greater capacity to achieve. Our retreats highlight these areas and show you how to get these results of mindfulness.

Limitless renewable energy

Given that we all need energy to function and prosper, its vital that we tap into it’s source. Mindfulness will help us tap into the energy supply. It will show the supply is limitless if we provide the right conditions. One of the conditions is a secret component which remains secret until we activate it within ourselves. It is quite accessible but needs that AHA! moment of recognition. The experience of it in retreat sets the stage for its integration in the workplace. The secret component required for the inexhaustible energy supply is benevolence or kindness.

mindfulness at work

The results of mindfulness come with kindness

When engagement in the workplace is linked with kindness, energy becomes limitless. When engagement is competitive only, energy diminishes. The logic of this is simple. Kindness is not limited to just oneself or one small area. It is spread out in all directions. We are not limited. Energy is linked to kindness. When the scope of our activity is broad through kindness, energy is correspondingly greater. In fact, the energy is not ours, its not personal property. It is universal, like the wind that blows.

results of mindfulness

We teach you how to harness and ride that energy and use it to pursue your goals during our week long retreats in luxury accommodation in some of the world’s most stunning locations. Contact us to organize a special Bespoke retreat for your organization. See the results of mindfulness for yourself.


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