Unlocking the tools of well being

Unlocking the tools of well being

Meditation unlocks the tools of well being

Good mental health is fundamental for us human beings. A tried and proven approach to optimizing our well-being is the practice of meditation. Meditation focuses on what is right with us, rather than viewing our problems through the lens of analyzing our problems. It is a leap into healthiness, wholesomeness and basic sanity. For good mental health we need to learn to use the tools of well being.

There is nothing to fix

When I present meditation classes, there are usually smiles all around when suggesting that we do not need to fix ourselves, that we are fine as we are. It’s so easy for us to find problems inside and out, yet often difficult to see what is right with us. Meditation amplifies what we want deep down inside—feeling good, joy and contentment.

Cleaning house

How does meditation work? As we get older we usually collect experiences that pile up just like all the material stuff at home. They begin to feel old, out of style, worn out. Yet we feel we cannot shed them. We are attached to them because it’s comfortable to keep around what is familiar. The stuff is organized into piles which build and build.

Meditation removes the clutter which makes us feel claustrophobic. It recycles what we don’t need anymore and transforms the old stuff into the latest fashion which fits our personal style. The meditator deals with each pile of stuff one by one, systematically cleaning house. We learn to let go.

A meditation instructor shows you how

You too will be relieved to discover that you are fine just as you are. A good meditation instructor will show you a simple technique that let’s you recycle yourself. Feeling overworked, stressed, anxious, disconnected? You will bring those problems into the light of meditation and learn how to work with them. You learn to use the tools of well being.

Learning meditation helps unlock the tools of well being that we were born with, and shows us how to use them. The tools include: trust in yourself, kindness to yourself, the capacity to feel, inquisitiveness. The good news is that it is easy to learn meditation. The challenge is to take responsibility for our own mental health. It has to begin with each of us. We’ve already got it. Let’s use it!

For the basic techniques of meditation, read more here.

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