Meditation is for Everyone

Meditation is for Everyone

Sitting naked in nature

Meditation is for everyone. Why? Imagine for a moment sitting naked in a field. You are surrounded by others, also naked, sitting under the stars. Feeling the soft earth below and the fresh breezes around you, there is nothing between you and nature. Dawn approaches with a fiery orange sky, and the sun begins to warm the skin. The sun climbs higher. There are the sweet melodies of birds, the soft humming of bees, and winds rustling the trees. The local wildlife comes and goes : deer, fox, wild pigs, goats and sheep. There is no conversation, only the sounds of the elements. Your roof is the deep blue sky. The sun sets and colors give way to dark shadows. A full moon rises.

Making the connection

Everyone is a part of nature, a small point in an infinite universe. Meditation is merely making the connection — naked, exposed and full of wonderment — with an amazing and unspeakable universe. It makes the connection to the elements, the building blocks of who we are. We do not need to look very far afield to find ourselves again. The body sitting on the ground makes the connection between vast and limitless space, and solid earth. That connection is like a thunderbolt striking the ground.

Meditation is for everyone

So meditation is for everyone because we are merely finding again our true place in nature. We were born naked, exposed and without words. Then we grew up and were filled with words, concepts, ideas and plenty to separate us from the phenomenal world of sight, sound and touch. Losing touch with nature, we lost our connection to heaven and earth. Rather than a thunderbolt, we were short circuited and high strung. Our bodies lost their connection to the currents of wind, and our minds became dull. But somehow we never really forgot where we came from, and we long to get back to our origins.

The romance of meditation is for everyone

Meditation is for everyone who wants to be free, like the wildlife that roams according to it’s nature. Meditation is for everyone, whether they are at the dawn of a new life, in the heat of midday, or at the twilight hours. The practice of meditation IS as romantic as it sounds in this sketch, as bright and illuminating as the morning sun, and cooling and soothing like the full moon. Nature will teach you to find your own nature as you sit through the changing seasons.

meditation in morocco

Find yourself in Morocco

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