Time out to catch your breath in retreat

Time out to catch your breath in retreat

Busy lives crowded with massive responsibilities can really take their toll on us. Overwork, stress, anxiety, parenting, adulting, education can all rapidly wear us down. We may be at a critical point, an emergency situation. It’s time to blow the whistle for a Time Out!

Good treatment

We owe ourselves the best treatment. Why not make a clean break from all adulting and discover something totally new, something that’s going to give you the relaxation you need, and at the same time recharge your batteries? While you’re at it, you can become a different kind of Duracell Bunny, and beat the drum to your own rhythm.

Time out to catch your breath

The rhythm I’m talking about is your own breath. The place to do it is on retreat. And the way to total self-care is a special blend of yoga, meditation, diet, friends and beautiful place. We have been working over many years to understand what all of us need for wholeness and well-being. So we start with breathing and relaxation — just catching our breath.

Not just a yoga retreat

Yoga is essential for good health, grounding yourself in the body, strength and flexibility. But what happens when you combine yoga with the most sophisticated instructions on the mind and meditation? It’s called mandala: the creation of a complete and balanced life. Between working with yoga and practicing meditation you will survey the 360 degree panorama of your life. Yoga carefully blended with meditation is a life changer.

Just the right balance

Our special Time Out formula will give you the rest and relaxation you need, and set you on the march to your own rhythym. Meditation does not have to be hardcore, and a yoga retreat does not need to compromise on elegance. Meet with like-minded people in beautiful retreat venues in Greece, Italy and Morocco and get the best treatment.

Meditation and yoga time out retreat

Our next time out retreat

Our next retreat is coming up in Morocco, a beautiful countryside Kasbah with delicious Moroccan cooking. We’ll also go for some morning runs around the Lake Lala Takerkoust (optional of course). Join us 23 – 29 September, or else consider a New Year’s retreat at the Kasbah, starting 28 December.


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