4 Tips to Overcome Anxiety

4 Tips to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is universal

If you suffer from anxiety, you are not alone. Anxiety is something that affects everyone. Anxiety is that haunting feeling that something is not right, that a piece of the puzzle is missing. We cannot find happiness until we get the missing piece in place. But the reality is that it is nearly impossible to get to total happiness. Resolving one problem here, we find that something else pops up over there. We might become anxiety ridden from the constant preoccupation of trying to set things right. Just reading this paragraph might make you anxious! The good news is that we can overcome anxiety.

The Cure for anxiety

Fortunately there is something that we can do to work with the state anxiety. We can find a state of happiness, but the definition of happiness might have to undergo some revision. Happiness is not dependent on always getting what we desire, which is impossible in the first place. We can find another way to be that is not constantly desire driven. This new way of being is learned through the practice of meditation.

4 Tips to overcome anxiety

  1. First we must identify anxiety as something that we have and that we have been stuck with. Even if we find ourselves in a state of 100% satisfaction, everything going so well, there is still the fear that it will change. So we should take a very practical step forward by identifying our problem for what it is. “I have anxiety.”
  2. Secondly, we can resolve to do something about our unease. If you’ve read this far you are probably already curious about the possibiity to change. Let’s set our antenae in the direction of exploring a practical and effective method for working with anxiety. Why not explore meditation?
  3. Begin a meditation practice. The practice of shamatha is the development of peace. It is the way that we can identify our peaceful mind, mind free from anxiety. By coming back to this state again and again, we familiarize ourselves with a way of being that is more stable and free from agitation.
  4. From the practice of meditation, we can gain insight into how we ended up in the state of anxiety in the first place. We begin to change our attitudes and assumptions about life that caused us unhappiness and anxiety. Learning grows as we gain insight into our own experience. Then we can study practical solutions for gaining mastery over our minds.

Enjoy a more stable life

Through following the four tips to overcome anxiety we will definately increase the quality of our lives. We will less likely be constantly searching for a quick fix to our predicament. The constant and steady flow of a life based on the peace of meditation will provide a kind of stability that we never thought possible. This lifestyle is based on kindness and not harming others. Finding more harmony in ourselves and less anxiety, we will just naturally project that harmony out to the world we live in and those around us will feel it.


Overcome anxiety in retreat

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