Where Happiness Comes From | Retreat in Morocco

Where Happiness Comes From | Retreat in Morocco

Discover on retreat where happiness comes from

There’s not one of us who doesn’t want to be happy. Our Mindfulness Journeys retreats provide an amazing opportunity to explore the question: “Where does happiness come from?” Each retreat helps you acquire the knowledge and body/mind practices essential for living the best quality life. In the retreat, first we understand how it is that we are not completely satisfied, and then we plunge into the cool and refreshing pool of the simplicity of meditation and yoga practice. We learn right on the spot where happiness comes from.

Five conditions for happiness

In retreat we set up the five conditions for happiness. We do this after the basic environment has been established. That includes finding the ultimate place. We carefully pick beautiful locations, authentic and down to earth. The food is good and there’s plenty of opportunity for relaxation and free time in nature. Then we live the five conditions from where happiness comes from.

1. The teacher

Your teachers in retreat, Brian and Shannon, have explored and been inspired by ancient body and mind practices. They give clear and heart felt instructions which you put into practice. Their experience helps you to relax and experience new ways of being.

2. The teaching

The teachings are ancient teachings for modern times. They are clear and have a way of penetrating as if they were especially designed for you personally. The teachings have only one purpose: to throw out the causes of dissatisfaction and increase happiness.

3. The student

You the student come to the retreat knowing that this is not just an ordinary holiday. You desire to get something that will really benefit you. That benefit continues long after the retreat is over, because you learn that causes for happiness do not depend on the place you are in.

4. The place

The ideal place for getting the teachings is one where you can relax. You are inspired by the surrounding beauty and you can devote all your time to understanding yourself. The place is also safe, warm and kind.

5. The time

A one week retreat is an excellent period for gaining confidence in the practice of meditation and yoga. You the student can discover the ideal time which is deeply relaxed and exists in the present moment. In that moment you discover the exquisite moment of the source of happiness. Finally you get where happiness comes from.

Five conditions for happiness in Morocco

You will revel in a week long retreat at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. The schedule each day is the same, but inside you’re making new discoveries. And to help you relax further enjoy a hamman or massage. And to top it all off relax into deep sound healing sessions with Shannon’s alchemy crystal bowls. See you in Morocco?

where happiness comes from

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