Do you know a hard working woman?

Do you know a hard working woman?

Do you know a hard working woman?

Women face a great challenge in keeping together the many threads of busy lives. From raising babies to young adults, a career, the household cleaning and shopping, friends, relationships and studies, all these can add up to a huge bundle of overwhelm. Do you know a woman who juggles all these balls in the air, who keeps this stunning feat together? Maybe it is your mother, your daughter, a colleague or friend, or even you. What is the greatest gift you could give to this hard working woman?

Why not give her a holiday?

What about a holiday in an enchanting warm and sunny place? That might be a good start, just the break needed to recharge and reset. Then take that holiday and raise it to the next level. Infuse it with something new, refreshing for body and soul. Give her that something special which will increase her strength and well-being. She wants to feel good long after luxurious holiday pampering. She deserves a new saddle and fresh horse.

A new kind of holiday retreat

Imagine you are at the foot of the snowy Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Dawn’s rosy fingers gently awaken you to an oasis of lush gardens and deep blue sunny skies. You are at day one, and a soft breeze stirs you out of bed. An easy schedule awaits, just enough to take you through the steps toward that new beginning. There is a gentle yoga session down at the mountain view shala. Later in the day a meditation session awaits you, offering ancient wisdom for today’s woman. There are new friends and exquisite meals freshly prepared. You have just the right balance of relaxation and learning.

Start to feel good and inspired

You are beginning to feel body and mind again. They come together in harmony with nature. You might ask, “How can I keep this going back in the real world?” Your expert teachers explain the tools needed for artful and creative living. You begin to feel renewed inspiration, that anything is possible. The horse is saddled and ready to ride. You are chomping at the bit and can’t wait to be released from the starting gate.

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